Beets for Greens

Beet Greens When I was growing up on a farm in Indiana, my most important dinner table goal was avoiding beets and brussels sprouts. Who could have known that I would grow up to love them with such a passion?

Beets make one of the most fantastic ornamental edibles to mix in with flower containers and work well in a cool season garden or for successive planting. Generally grown for their root, the beet green is my favorite part – it’s ornamental above ground and can be harvested for a delicious salad several times throughout the season.

They are generally pest free, are easily grown from seed, and are fantastically healthy with lots of vitamins. Plant beets about 1/2″ deep and 2″ apart once the soil hits 50 degrees in the spring. Seeds will produce edible greens in 35 days and a good sized beet eight to ten weeks later.

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