How to Grow Purple Broccoli

Purple Broccoli Photo © Shawna CoronadoBroccoli is one of the healthiest vegetables – it is full of nutritious vitamins and is excellent roughage for a healthy diet.

This season I experimented with Summer Purple Sprouting Broccoli, which produced amazing purple flower buds which were very tasty and produced a continuous stream of veg. I left the plant up and harvested the tops in snips and starts until I’d exhausted each plant’s summer growing season.

Typically, all broccoli can germinate as low as 40 degrees which makes them an excellent early and late cruciferous crop. These purple broccoli took a long time to sprout because I planted them in part-sun. Full sun is broccoli’s preference with fertile soil. Plant in spring two to three weeks before last spring frost date. See the below video to watch how I grew broccoli in the garden.

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Purple Broccoli Photo 1a~~~~~~

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