How Does Seedless Watermelon Grow?

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Understanding Seedless Watermelon

Summer Sweet 5234 Plus Hybrid Watermelon

Many gardeners wonder how the seeds for seedless watermelon varieties are produced and question how a watermelon grown from seed can be seedless. The answers involve a basic understanding of genetics.

All seedless watermelon varieties are triploid. That is, they have 3 sets of chromosomes and they produce sterile pollen. That means that their pollen will not successfully fertilize watermelon flowers, and unfertilized flowers won’t produce fruit. For this reason, a fertile, seeded, diploid (two sets of chromosomes) variety must be planted with a seedless variety to serve as a pollinator. This causes fruit to develop. But because diploid pollen isn’t fully compatible with a triploid variety, seeds in the fruit of the triploid variety fail to mature, causing the fruit to be seedless. The diploid variety can pollinate itself, resulting in seeded fruit.

Yellow Buttercup Hybrid

We use Sugar Baby as the pollinator variety for the seedless watermelon varieties we offer, and the pollinator seed is found in a glassine envelope inside the seed packet of the seedless variety. Sugar Baby has round fruit with solid dark green rinds, making its seeded fruit easy to differentiate from the seedless fruit. Usually one pollinator is planted for every 2 to 3 seedless plants to ensure good pollination.

The seed for seedless watermelon varieties is produced by crossing a tetraploid (4 sets of chromosomes) parent with a diploid (2 sets of chromosomes) parent. Each parent passes on half of its total number of chromosomes to the offspring. Thus, the tetraploid parent passes on 2 sets of chromosomes and the diploid parent passes on one set of chromosomes. This results in a

Harvest Moon Hybrid Watermelon

hybrid triploid variety with 3 sets of chromosomes. All seedless watermelon varieties are hybrids, and there are no open pollinated seedless watermelons.

We currently offer several varieties of seedless watermelon, including Harvest Moon Hybrid, Solitaire Hybrid, Summer Sweet 5234 Plus Hybrid, and Yellow Buttercup Hybrid.

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