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Grow Native Butterfly Weed Plant

Native - Butterfly Weed 2Native plants are amazing — they require no fertilizer, no soil amendment, and no drama. Butterfly weed or asclepias tuberosa, is especially beautiful in the garden whether it is planted among native plants or blended in with your more traditional perennial beds. Once established the plant requires no watering and no attention.

Without a doubt this is a drought tolerant plant that is suited to harsh conditions, but the best benefit of this plant is it’s Monarch Butterfly attracting quality. Help save the butterflies with a little butterfly weed love planted in your garden this season. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to plant the butterfly weed in your garden.

How to Plant Vegetables to Survive Drought

Front lawn mixed vegetable gardenWhile herbs and vegetables are not commonly drought tolerant, there are a few tips I can give you to help shore up your garden before planting in order to help it survive drought conditions.

Tips for Soil and Mulch

Soil — Soil is very important – amend soil so that it drains well, yet works consistently to hold moisture after watering. Do this by amending soil with natural amendments such as rotted manure, compost, and leaf mold.

Mulch — Mulch helps hold moisture in soil. Expensive mulch is not necessary; chipped wood, which contains ground branches, bark, and leaves function well. Utilizing mulch that has no dyes or chemicals added is much better for your soil and plants.

Drought Tolerant Sedum in the Garden

Winter in the Woods
While the winter still has some of the northern part of the United States covered in snow and brown; the nearness of spring allows my mind to drift to future summer garden design ideas. I say we fantasize of summer with some drought tolerant sedum. Jung Seed has a nice selection of sedum plants to order in the spring.