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Think Spring! 4 Tips for Successful Seed Starting

With winter underway and seed catalogs delivered, it’s easy to begin to get excited about planning for the upcoming garden season. In some areas, it’s already time to begin starting some types of seed indoors!

4 Tips for Improving Seed Starting Success

The best strategies for improving success and consistency with seed germination and to increase the quality of the seedlings you grow are:

  1. Use a high-quality seed starting media
  2. Provide the proper germination temperature
  3. Consistently keep the media properly moist
  4. Provide sufficient light intensity

Starting Media

Planting Vegetables in Drought Conditions

This video shows how to plant vegetable to help survive conditions that are dry and drought oriented. Shawna plants vegetables in her native plant garden which has minimal watering and frequent drought conditions and shows viewers how to do it.

Mashing the Potato Beetle

Colorado Potato Beetle
Colorado Potato Beetle

The potato is not the only plant the Colorado potato beetle consumes. This yellow-orange and black striped beetle can be seen chopping on eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, and other plants within the nightshade family. It’s wide range of meal selection makes removing the Colorado potato beetle from your garden extremely important.

Many gardeners have learned that this beetle can be a difficult pest to control. But, with a few row covers, soapy water, and insecticides, you can still enjoy your garden’s bounty. Below are a few other suggestions to help reduce problems with the Colorado potato beetle.

How to Build a Rainbow Garden Design

In this video learn how to build a rainbow garden design for your vegetable or flower gardens. Laying out the design to this pretty little garden is simple – base it on the colors of the rainbow. Easy to accomplish with advance planning and careful placement of vegetable and flower plants.