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How to Harvest Vegetables in a No-Till Garden

Food Pantry VegetablesOne of the goals of a no-till garden is leave the soil undisturbed whenever possible. In a traditional garden, the end-of-season vegetables get uprooted, usually with the soil pulled out along with it, then the soil is turned over to aerate it. In a no-till garden, it is important NOT to destroy the microbes in the soil. Keeping most of the vegetable roots in the ground at the end of the season means the microbes will stay put and will not be destroyed.

10 Fall Vegetable Seeds to Start Now

Beet Greens

At the beginning of the year we discussed spring seed starting and now it is fall seed planting season. Typically, you need to start your fall seeds 10 to 12 weeks before your first frost date. Read labels carefully as this time frame is a generalization and you might need more or less time in the growing process. Below is a great list to get started planting this summer for great eats all fall.

10 Fall Vegetable Seed Varieties —

  1. Arugula
  2. Cabbage
  3. Cauliflower
  4. Broccoli
  5. Purple Mustard Greens
  6. Rutabaga
  7. Radish

Planting Groundcovers

Chocolate Chip Ajuga
Groundcovers are the ultimate space fillers and low-maintenance solutions in the garden world. They can easily be planted so that they crowd out weeds with beautiful foliage colors and shapes. There are two different styles of groundcovers; clumpers or creepers. While clumpers can be expected to stay in place, creepers often spread via rhizomatous means and are fast to fill in an area. Most groundcovers look best when planted in groupings that are allowed to gradually fill in to resemble Sweet Woodruffa carpet.

How to Design a Rainbow Garden

Rainbow Garden Design Organic
Building a rainbow garden is a creative way to create color to your landscape. Annually I have planted a no-till ornamental edible vegetable combination in my front lawn vegetable garden. Excited for an artistic touch, I decided that a low growing rainbow garden would be easy to design and assemble.

First step is to design the garden on paper. No worries about being a fancy artist – just sketch out a rough design and calculate the space you will need for the Jung Seed seeds and plants you plan on putting in the ground. Keep in mind that planting the plants close together will prevent the need for heavy weeding and will create a more artistic design.

How to Start Seeds

2013 Back Garden Color Block PlanBefore you start the seeds for the spring planting, you will need to have a planting plan in mind in order to make the most of your seed investment. Normally, I draw up an idea up in January or February on paper (see below), order the seeds from Jung Seeds, and get busy starting them in a sunny window. This particular plan (see second photo below) involved a color block contrasting garden with raised beds.Shade Garden Design Vegetable ColorblockingWhat you will need –