Guide to the Meaning of Rose Colors

The traditional gift on Valentine’s Day is a bouquet of roses. Roses come in a wide variety of colors. Each rose color has a unique meaning. Listed below are the most popular 11 rose colors and what they symbolize.

red rose

The red rose is the most popular color given on Valentine’s Day. It symbolizes love, romance, and beauty. A red rose is a perfect gift for your loved one.

pink rose

Pink roses are another popular choice of Valentine’s Day. The pink rose means grace, elegance, and admiration.

white rose

White roses are often used for weddings or other special events. The meaning of white roses is innocence and purity.

yellow rose

Yellow roses used to mean jealousy and resentment. Over the years, it has drastically changed to symbolize friendship and happiness.

orange rose

Orange roses are bold energic colors. The orange rose means passion and enthusiasm.

lavender rose

Lavender colored roses are unique and beautiful. The meaning behind gifting lavender roses is love at first sight, enchantment, and splendor. Lavender roses are a perfect gift for the new love in your life.

peach rose

A peach rose symbolizes gratitude and sincerity. Peach roses would make a delightful gift for thanking the special person in your life for all they do.

cream rose

The meaning of the cream rose is thoughtfulness and charm. It is a beautiful color rose to give when a gift is least expected to remind your loved one you are thinking of them.

burgundy rose

The burgundy rose can be another good choice for Valentine’s Day. Burgundy roses symbolize unconscious beauty.

black rose

Sometimes, black roses are associated with death and negativity. The opposite is true. The meaning of the black rose is rebirth, new beginnings, hope, and courage.

coral rose

The coral rose is similar to the orange rose both in color and meaning. A coral rose symbolizes desire.

Roses can be given as a single color or combine colors to add complexity to their meaning. Adding roses to your garden will show your love year after year. You’ll enjoy their beauty and delightful fragrance each time they bloom.

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