6 Gardening Activities For Earth Day

Earth glass on green grass in sunlight

For everyone around the world, we experienced hardship and loss in 2020. On April 22, 2021, the world will come together to celebrate our resilience and strength for Earth Day. The theme this year is Restore Our Earth™. What can you do to contribute to making our Earth a greener, healthier place to live? For gardeners, it can start in our own gardens and backyards.

Start A Compost Pile

Composting the Kitchen Waste

Composting is a great way to recycle and reuse your waste products by turning them into organic matter to be used in your garden. Your garden and environment will greatly benefit from the nutrients produced by your compost pile.

Collect Rainwater

Rain barrel in the garden

Collecting rainwater in barrels is an environmentally friendly way to water your garden. It is safe, easy to collect, and can even save you money on your water bill. There can be some state restrictions on collecting rainwater so be sure to check before you begin.

Plant Drought Tolerant Gardens

Pink coneflowers

Gardening can be enjoyed even during the long summer months without rain. By planting drought-tolerant plants, you can still enjoy beautiful blooms and provide a wonderful habitat for your pollinator friends.

Organic Seeds

Organic vegetables

Organic seeds are produced by following specific organic growing practices which help our environment by using fewer pesticides and chemical fertilizers. There are a wide variety of organic seeds that can be bought online. Check out family-owned and operated seed companies such as Jung Seed Co.

Seed Saving

Pumpkin seeds

Saving your seeds can be a rewarding endeavor. As your plants grow and are influenced by their local ecosystem, their seeds will pass on their natural resilience to the environment helping to increase our food security and reduce our climate impact. For seed saving, remember to plant open-pollinated varieties!

Organic Fertilizer

Bags of organic fertilizer

Using organic fertilizer not only helps grow delicious bountiful vegetables and fruit but has a positive impact on the environment. Organic fertilizer and other organic agricultural practices can help improve the soil, reduce nutrient loss, and create better sustainability.

Top view of earth day lettering with leaves and buds on beige background

On April 22nd, celebrate our beautiful Earth and help it remain a wonderful place to live for our future generations. What will you be doing for Earth Day 2021?

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