Choosing The Best Pumpkin Varieties For Halloween

Several different pumpkins all together

Growing your own pumpkins for Halloween is a fun, easy activity your whole family can enjoy. The first step is deciding what kind of pumpkin you would like to grow. Do you like the classic orange pumpkin? Or perhaps you want something unique? Jung Seed Company has over 44 different pumpkin seed varieties! Let’s take a look at the wide varieties to choose from.

Classic Style Pumpkins

Bright orange pumpkins with green vines around them

The classic Halloween Pumpkin is large and orange. It is used for decorations inside or outdoors. Often, it is carved and set outside with a light inside. Here are several varieties perfect for those looking for a traditional Halloween Pumpkin.

Unique Pumpkins

An orange pumpkin with green worts covering the pumpkin

Perhaps this year, you want to grow something a little different. We have some very unique pumpkins to liven up your Halloween decorations.

Pumpkins For Small Gardens

A single orange in front of a fence

If you want to grow pumpkins, but are concerned with having enough area, these are the pumpkin varieties for you. They grow great in small areas.

Organic Pumpkins

A bright orange pumpkin sitting on a wooden stool

Interested in growing organic pumpkins? We’ve got you covered.

Large Pumpkins

A large pumpkin next to a child and halloween decorations

If you have a large enough area, why not try growing some of these large varieties? Sure to be a neighborhood favorite, some of these grow to be several hundred pounds.

Small Pumpkins

A bundle of little tiny orange pumpkins

Perhaps, you are more interested in the cute little varieties. These little miniature pumpkins are an excellent choice for adding more Halloween decorations without taking up too much room.

Black Pumpkins

Two black pumpkins in a field

Black pumpkins are the perfect Halloween decorations. Orange and black are the traditional color scheme for Halloween. Adding a black pumpkin variety along with a classic orange pumpkin variety will create a real show stopper.

Ghostly Pumpkins

A pyramid of white pumpkins in a field

These white pumpkin varieties add a ghostly element to your decorations. They are also great for coloring or adding designs onto.

Tasty Pumpkins

Light blue pumpkins

After Halloween is over, you might start thinking about Thanksgiving. Pumpkins are a staple for most holiday meals. These are some of our favorite pumpkin varieties for cooking.

Planning Your Pumpkin Garden


If you want to have your pumpkins ready in time for Halloween, be sure to allow for enough time for them to grow and mature. See our recommended reading list for tips on growing, harvesting, and storing your pumpkins.

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